What An Online Missionary Does!

As you have seen on the Global Media Outreach Online Missions Program homepage and the Did You Know video, thousands of people are coming to our websites every day asking for information on what it means, or how, to become a Christian. Still others have already accepted Christ as their Savior and are asking for someone to come alongside of them and disciple them as they desire to live their new lives in the way God has called them to live.

Your Online Missions team will be involved in doing just that … helping people all over the world come to Christ as well as learning to live the life he has called them to. Unlike other evangelism and discipleship efforts, your online missionaries won’t have to go out and find people looking for help, they are lined up at the door waiting for someone to respond. The process is simple. The rewards are life changing and … eternal! Check Out this awesome video from one of our online missionaries … Angie Dugi.

So, what does a trained online missionary do every day? Here is an idea of what to
expect …

  • When prompted by e-mail that you have messages, log into the ARC e-mail system.
  • Open up and read the e-mail to see who has written, where they are from, what age and gender they are, see what kind of decision they have made and what needs they have shared in the comments section about their decision.
  • Click on the reply button and a templated response will pop up (how cool is that?) based on the website they visited, the decision they have made and the comments they have shared.
  • An online missionary’s job is to personalize the response by adding scripture, personal experience, prayer or other information readily available at the bottom of that screen through a number of awesome resources!
  • Encourage the other person to write back and let you know how they are doing, how you can help and how you can pray for them.
  • Before sending the e-mail we pray for that person, pray for their country, pray for any requests they have made and pray that the Holy Spirit is at work in their lives and if it is God’s will, that you can continue to connect with that person!

Click Here for a short video about how easy it is to be an online missionary! While every online missionary can set a preference of how many messages they want to handle in a day or week’s time, the average time spent responding to messages is only 15 to 20 minutes a day. In that short period every day God will be working a profound change in the lives of people all over the world and … in the life of that online missionary!

Here is what you can expect to happen to each member of your Online Missions Team;

  1. They will grow spiritually in a number of ways as they are provided opportunities to learn via our many resources, webinars, websites, message boards and other growth opportunities provided to every OM.
  2. They become more knowledgeable of scripture as they research ways to answer the questions people have in their e-mails.
  3. Their prayer life will be broadened as they learn to pray every day for those they come into contact with.
  4. They will become bold witnesses and disciplers in their own family, their community and in your church!
  5. They will become actively engaged in the Great Commission and sharing the grace of God with people all over the world!
  6. They will become more disciplined in their walk with the Lord as they get excited to see who has written and how they can respond back each and every day!
  7. They will have an expanded “world view” as they deal with people from all the nations and have a greater sense of how blessed they are to have such easy access to the gospel.
  8. They will have an expanded “world view” as they deal with people from all the nations and have a greater sense of how blessed they are to have such easy to the gospel.
  9. Perhaps most important … it is our goal to turn your Online Missions Team into a house of prayer for the world, their community, their families, their church and in particular we want to turn them into “prayer warriors” for their pastors!

We could go on and on about how God is impacting those who get involved as online missionaries and we could share with you story after story about how their lives are changed as they connect with people all over the world but you already know what that looks like. Think about your best church members, those that are on fire for the Lord, who have experienced the power of his grace and have turned that power into a life that is given over to Him!

This Sunday, look out over your congregation and imagine what it would be like if you had another 20 people on fire like that! Or perhaps 50? Maybe 100? Or … who knows what God has in mind?

For More Information Contact

Ilene Daanen


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